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Funding options for social landlords

There are a few funding sources available for non-traditional housing including UHIS, CESP and CERT.


CESP (which can be matched up with Scottish Government UHIS money) provides funding for programmes within approved Data Zones which, in Scotland, are areas with the lowest Income Decile (bottom 15%). It can deliver up to 50% funding where careful selection of the housing and measures achieve bonuses by presenting a mixture of the following:

  • Whole house approach (multiple measures) including the provision of an incentive (individual measure adjustment) for the promotion of solid wall insulation
  • Area pennetration (more than 25%)
  • Inclusion of Home Energy Advice packages
  • Fuel switching

Data Zones are based on the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation and can be forwarded by BCA.

So far CESP has delivered less than anticipated owing to measures proposed not being approved. As a result of this, the size of the programmes being put forward for consideration have been smaller of late.


The Carbon Emission Reduction Target legislation has lead to power suppliers making available funding towards solid wall measures and the like.

At approximately 15%, unfortunately these are not as attractive as the CESP/UHIS options but it is available on a smaller scale without having to be wrapped up into big projects.


Available to both social and private housing, UHIS has emerged as a very attractive funding opportunity for insulating non-traditional housing and is very current at this time with the Scottish Governments current invitation extended for applications. Not only can it provide high levels of funding and a very fast turnaround, but it encourages innovation (including solid wall measures) and is less prescriptive meaning it can be tailored to local needs.

It can also be mixed with CESP funding.


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